Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Makeup

The secret to an impeccably made-up face is all in how you lay the groundwork. You’ve likely heard that time seems to pass in the blink of an eye once your big day finally arrives, but realistically, you’ll probably be contending with quite a lot to maintain a fresh complexion. Brides looking to minimize stress can follow some simple steps over a period of time to prep their skin for a smooth, effortless makeup application, and should employ a number of tips throughout the day to preserve a flawless look.

Your wedding is a fabulous excuse to indulge in some extra pampering, and facials can make a huge difference in the quality of your complexion. If you plan to take advantage of the many professional skin treatments available, start scheduling them regularly once you’re three to six months away from the event to boost your skin’s health and keep it looking clear and bright. Book a series of peels to fade discoloration and reveal an even, radiant appearance, or consider microdermabrasion to help remove scarring and alleviate clogged pores.

Once your special day is here, there are still a few things you can do before your bridal makeup appointment to allow for an enjoyable process and assure you’ve done all you can to capture the aesthetic of your dreams. A week prior to the occasion, try cutting back on salty foods and start drinking lots of water instead of alcohol to keep puffiness at bay and give your face a natural definition that makeup will enhance even further. The night before, use a soothing, moisturizing mask to plump fine lines or an exfoliating choice which incorporates natural fruit acids to give a fresh, youthful glow. Apply your most reliable, time-tested products for a clean, supple complexion without risking an adverse reaction and make sure you pay special attention to the lips by clearing away dead skin with a soft, damp washcloth and putting on a thick balm before bed.

If you need to wear SPF for your wedding, make sure it’s in your moisturizer because foundations that include sunscreen can cause a white cast to appear under flash photography. It also might be worthwhile to try an eye cream that boasts light diffusing technology to disguise any dark circles or wrinkles or consider airbrushed makeup just for your wedding day. For the final touch, take a minute or two to carefully massage your products into the skin for maximum absorption and a bit of stress relief. Don’t skip the décolletage, either!

The Finishing Touch

Avoid the temptation to pack a powder compact in your clutch as you’ll start to look “cakey” after so many reapplications throughout the day, and these products can also show up in photographs. Instead, use blotting sheets to soak up excess oil, or for a great trick, try a dry sponge, which will completely avoid disturbing your foundation.

Setting sprays are also an excellent option for all-day events, as they can refresh your look and provide a natural appearance that lasts for hours, with formulas that will mattify, hydrate, and even illuminate.

Finally, pack a beauty kit with items like a lip color and concealer for touch ups, Q-tips, mints, toothpicks, tissues, bobby-pins, and a mini can of hair spray to have on hand just in case. In the end, you’ll realize all that effort was worth it when you get to sail through your special day under the confidence that once you receive your wedding photos, you won’t have any regrets.